VIDEO : My AquaVenture Fun Family Dayout at Atlantis The Palm Dubai!

AQUAVENTURE at ATLANTIS THE PALM DUBAI is by far the best waterpark in Dubai, or let’s say the best waterpark in the UAE that we’ve been to! With its enormous grounds dedicated to a whole day of fun for every person, couple and family in the Emirate, Aquaventure was a smash hit for us! And… Read More

PLAKA and MONASTIRAKI: The Old World Charm of Athens

When people think about Athens, they think about the temples, the Acropolis, ruins and all. What some might fail to realize is that Athens, an old city that it is, city of historical book fame, is still a living city; a growing city actually, teeming with life, energy and vibrance as the capital of Modern… Read More

Roman Athens: The Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Arch of Hadrian

Athens, just like any city that has existed for thousands of years, has seen countless transformations from its local inhabitants and from foreigners alike. And if you’re a megalomaniac foreigner, let’s say a conqueror, you’re number one priority is to leave a mark that will make the people you’ve subdued remember who the boss is… Read More

National Archaeological Museum of Athens & What Treasures Lie Within

When you visit Greece, expect to be inundated with history. Museum lover or not, people who travel to Greece will surely be infatuated with the beauty of its civilization. Archaeological sites such as the Acropolis of Athens (blogged here) and Akrotiri (click for the link of the feature here) are definitely must see Greek places but most… Read More

Al Qudra Lake Camping: Great Outdoors Await You Minutes From Dubai!

Yes, you read that right, the great outdoors are just 45 minutes away from Dubai or even less, if you’re a very “enthusiastic” driver that is LOL! After being in Dubai for almost 7 years, I know that most of us always crave for that season when it’s time to stop hibernating inside our homes and go outdoors… Read More

Riverland Dubai: What To Expect Aside from the Fact that Admission is Free!

This post is gonna be full of selfies. Lots of it actually. Why? Because RIVERLAND DUBAI is that awesome that you just want to take a picture of yourself with it in almost every corner of this newly opened attraction in Dubai! Riverland Dubai is part of the massive project known as the Dubai Parks and… Read More

Our First Experience of the Newly Opened Dubai Water Canal

It’s been some time now since I’ve first heard of this gargantuan project of building a water canal that will encircle parts of Dubai from Bur Dubai down to the Safe-Jumeirah area. I was quite excited about it because first of all, it’s not everyday that you see topography altered by man on such a… Read More

A Dream Come True: Being at the Acropolis of Athens!

I first knew about the ACROPOLIS OF ATHENS when I was in 6th grade. Printed in black and white on low quality paper, the picture of the Parthenon has since then captivated my imagination so as the Caryatid Columns that adorn the Erechtheion seemingly gazing endlessly into the horizon of what was once the Golden Age… Read More

Filipino Cuisine 101 at Max’s Restaurant Dubai

Filipino Cuisine has been flourishing in the UAE for the past years with traditional and innovative restaurants serving Pinoy/Filipino favorites to its mostly Filipino clientele. Personally, and as a Filipino myself, I dream of having our dishes be recognized internationally and by other nationalities with the likes of Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines…. Read More

Jebel Jais : Your Travel Questions About the UAE’s Tallest Mountain Answered!

Me and my wife Jill have always wanted to go to Jebel Jais. Ever since we heard that it snowed there last winter, the mountain had been one of our top places to go to in the UAE. Just like many of you guys, we were wondering how to go there, what we’d expect to… Read More