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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, 7 months I guess to be exact! I’ve missed blogging and vlogging but it got so busy so it was hard to find time to create content – and having my GoPro Studio incompatible with my new software made it more challenging as I am not a techie person at all LOL! Good thing I decided to download iMovie and to my surprise, I was quite missing a lot and limiting myself to GoPro Studio when iMovie was way better that it was!

So for our first post of the year, let Us share to you our most spontaneous, one of the funniest I guess (though for non-Filipino speakers, you might have some trouble understanding it – I try to speak in English the most I can), and the first family effort to vlog our travels, and our first travel vlog to be edited using iMovie: Our BATAAN FAMILY ROADTRIP !!!

To include in the lists of the many firsts, this travel vlog is actually the first that we did about travel in the Philippines and it shows how indeed it is more fun in the Philippines especially when you are with fun loving people, friends or family. It was a spontaneous plan to go visit Bataan (only a day after my sisters wedding – they’re not with us since they are flying for their honeymoon) and appreciate its sites in our self made Bataan Day Tour.

Bataan is a province located in Luzon which is the largest of the beautiful islands of the Philippines. The province is well know for playing a big part in Philippine History , most notably in the World War 2 Pacific Theatre since it is the province that held out and was the last to surrender to the invading Japanese Forces. The surrender was followed by the world famous Bataan Death March when the prisoners of war made up of the Allied Philippine and American Forces were forced to March for a distance of more or less 120 km without food and water. In such case, it is no wonder that a LOT died during the death march with Filipino Casualties stacking up to approximately 20000 and Americans to more than 500.

But aside from its rich history, there are more Bataan Travel Destinations that you could go to!

As for our Bataan Travel Itinerary, we decided to explore its history as well as one of its beautiful beaches!

We were able to visit the Dambana ng Kagitingan in Mount Samat, a memorial complex built during the Marcos Administration, commemorating the Filipino Heroes of World War 2, well known for its main highlight which is a colossal cross standing proud atop the mountain. On the way there, we were also able to have a taste of the famous Kapampangan Food Culture in the form of one of its town’s famous product, Guagua Chicharon and paired with the equally amazing Atsara! To end our day, we were also able to visit the famous Morong Beaches!

Hope you guys enjoy our first Philippines Travel Vlog as much as we did!

Here are some of the snaps we got of our travel as well:

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At the Dambana ng Kagitingan Memorial Cross in Mount Samat, Bataan Province, Philippines

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The Dambana ng Kagitingan Memorial Cross towers over us at a height of more than 270 Feet or 90 plus meters

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Proud of this Yellow Fin Tuna we got from the Public Market of Morong, Bataan

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Enjoying the sunset with a cool dip in the waters of the beach at Morong Bataan

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Preppin for our banana boat ride!

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We did! (Post Banana Boat Ride)

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Me and Jill 🙂

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Robyn, Jill, Rain and Kyle 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

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