Hey Guys!

Here’s the very first episode of our ARMENIA TRAVEL VLOG Series!

As for every story, there’s a beginning – and we began ours in Dubai as we travelled north towards Yerevan.

From our first episode you’ll get to know:

  • How to apply for an Armenian Tourist Visa
  • The requirements for Armenian Tourist Visa Application
  • The travel time from Dubai or UAE to Yerevan or Armenia
  • The location of Armenia and its neighboring countries
  • A brief history of Armenia and the Armenian People
  • Zvartnots International Airport
  • How to travel from Zvartnots International Airport to Yerevan City Center
  • Best place to stay when in Yerevan or Armenia
  • Northern Avenue Yerevan
  • Republic Square Yerevan
  • Yerevan Restaurants
  • Armenian Food
  • Is tap water in Yerevan or Armenia safe and drinkable
  • Armenian Beer
  • And many more in between!

So check it out and we hope you like it!

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