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So with that said, let us present to you Part 7 (Yes, it already Episode 7 of Trip to Armenia !!! Yey!!!)  of our ARMENIA TOUR where you can tag along and witness one of the rarest places on Earth where Pagan Religion or Paganism ( Pre-Christian Religions) is much alive and practiced!

This place is none other than Armenia’s GARNI TEMPLE located within a larger complex of ancient buildings know as the GARNI FORTRESS .

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Here are some fun facts about GARNI :

  • On the way to Garni, there is a VIEW POINT where you can appreciate the majestic MOUNT ARARAT in the horizon with the rolling hills of the ARMENIAN HIGHLANDS in the foreground

  • It is the last surviving Graeco-Roman Temple in Armenia and dates back before the whole nation converted to Christianity (built approximately in the first century AD), so basically it almost 2000 Years Old

  • To our surprise, GARNI TEMPLE is still used as a place of worship by MODERN DAY PAGANS who practice MODERN PAGANISM though rooted in the traditions of Pre-Christian Armenian Pagan Religion

  • GARNI Temple is built at the edge of the GARNI GORGE , famous for its beautiful rock formations known collectively as the SYMPHONY OF THE STONES in ARMENIA

  • The KHOSROV RESERVE or the formally known as the KHOSROV FOREST STATE RESERVE can be glanced below from GARNI TEMPLE COMPLEX GROUNDS. The Khosrov Reserve is one of the oldest protected sites in history dating back to 1700 years ago!!!

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