Yes IRON MAN fans, it is now possible to fulfill being IRON MAN himself, not only thru a simulation, but in ACTION FIGURE FORM!

I myself didn’t know about this till we visited IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE DUBAI (to be vlogged soon) on my birthday LOL! We only knew of its existence when my wife was reading the park brochure and noticed the I AM IRON MAN EXPERIENCE at the MARVEL UNIVERSE STORE located at the IMG Dubai Marvel Zone! Curious as to what it was all about, we headed straight to the store since we were at the Marvel part of this Dubai Theme Park already!

And man, it was awesome! When they explained to me what the I Am Iron Man Experience was all about, I simply said,”GET MY MONEY, I am doing this!!!

So let me give you a rundown of what are included in the I Am Iron Man Experience and see for yourself if it’s worth it (IT is WORTH every penny my fellow Shellhead fan)!

First, you get to go inside a large circular room designed as Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor with Life-Size Replicas of War Machine Armor, Iron Patriot, and the Iron Man Mark 42 Armor to which you’ll get to experience a simulated experience of SUITING UP and BECOMING IRON MAN and fighting off some bad guys at Dubai’s very own Sheikh Zayed Road!

Enough of me talking, let me just show you how awesome it was in the videos below:

and here’s what you’re actually doing (thanks to my wife for taking this video while her husband’s regressing to childhood ha-ha!)

Second and most awesomely, they’ll start making YOUR VERY OWN IRON MAN ACTION FIGURE

How it’s done is after the whole I AM IRON MAN EXPERIENCE Simulation, they would take a photo of your face using 9 different camera and that will be the basis for the head sculpt they’ll be making of yourself using 3D Printing Technology (cool!!!). You can do whatever you want – smile, serious face, sad face, angry face (which I did) or whatever possibilities you can make your face do!

Here’s a video of the process itself:

You’ll have to wait for 3 hours before you could pick up the Iron YOU – so if you’re planning to have this done, better do it early in your day at IMG Worlds of Adventure! Good thing that’s what we did! So after 3 hours of being thrown, pummeled, and what not by the amazing rides of IMG Dubai, we returned to the IMG Marvel Store pretty much excited of how my Action Figure looked like! And when we saw it, it was awesome!!!!

Here are pictures I shot of it in the hotel room of THE MOST CREATIVE and ARTSIEST HOTEL We’ve Ever Stayed At (BLOGGED HERE):

Here’s the Figure together with the box it came with. The box is pretty neat, glossy and is a hard box. Reminds me of PlayArts Kai and Hot Toys Boxes.

And the box art is pretty nice..Here’s a shot from the side…

And the other side…

and from the back!

And the box seal is magnetic and once you open it, you see the figure thru a transparent layer of plastic film within a secondary container. You must note that even inside, there is an awesome Iron Man Artwork!

Once you remove the secondary container, you see the figure in all it’s glory resting safely in a bed of foam!  I can say that the packaging is at par with other high end collectibles. And the box being sturdy and having an option for display is perfect for those who want to just keep their IRON MAN Selves inside the its cul de sac!

Here’s the figure outside of the box where I excitedly lifted up its faceplate to reveal…ME!!! The resemblance is uncanny and it felt so weird holding a smaller version of myself in my hands LOL! But seriously, it’s so awesome!!!!

The figure stands at approximately 10-11 inches tall. The plastic used for the figure is really glossy and for me doesn’t need any kind of additional paint job (and I’m lazy) but I’m quite sure some of you customizers out there will tweak out this figure converting it from awesome to amazing!

The version of this armor is what I believe was the Iron Man Armor used is the Comics Civil War Iron Man Armor and the Tony Stark Director of Shield Story Arc – the only difference being that the arc reactor on this one is circular instead of the pentagon arc reactor seen in the comics..But so what??? It still looks great!

Articulation is pretty basic but it doesn’t bother me at all since I would just be displaying it standing awesome – I don’t mean to put it in an action pose or anything fancy.

Head rotates 360 degrees and is on a ball joint I think so it can look down and up but not too much. There is no torso, ab crunch, or waist articulation. The arms can rotate front to back for 360 degrees. The elbow can bend only up to around 40 to 45 degrees. There are no hand or finger articulation. There’s leg articulation and it appears to be on a ball joint but I didn’t try to move mine since it was a bit stiff. There’s knee articulation which goes as far a 45 degrees. There are not foot articulation whatsoever.

Given the limited articulation, I am still happy with the figure – it feels bulky and sturdy and the paint job is OK. Sculpt is nice as well! Your head might look a bit small and out of proportion from the rest of the body but it still looks cool!

The 3D printed is also great even from an angle and from the side – it does capture how your face really looks. The eyes and other parts that require ink to be used such as the teeth are ok but not too sharply painted and are on the hazy side (don’t expect a Hot Toys kind of sharpness to it) but looking at it from a distance, it still looks good!

I can say that this is a dream come true and will go well with my IRON MAN ACTION FIGURE collection! Because, what else would be the most perfect IRON MAN Action Figure but YOU Wearing the Gold and Red Armor!!! Right???

Thirdly, they give you an IRON MAN USB, with your whole experience recorded on video save in it! The usb itself is awesome looking, all painted with metallic paint and the eyes also light up when you connect it to your laptop or computer.

FINAL THOUGHTS on the I AM IRON MAN EXPERIENCE of IMG WORLDS of ADVENTURE DUBAI. The experience itself is not included in the ticket for admission to the theme park and you have to pay an additional 295 AED/approximately 80 USD. It is a bit on the expensive side, but given the simulation, the USB with your vid, and your very own action figure as Iron Man, I guess it’s pretty much worth the fun that you get from it and as an Iron Man fan since I was 10 years old, I’d be confident to recommend it to my fellow Iron Man fans!

Hope you had fun with this blog post!

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