After some months, we’re now able to continue our vlog series about this wonderful country! We first covered the destinations in Armenia that can be found in its capital YEREVAN. This time we will visit the most sacred site in Armenia and the location of the World’s First and Oldest Christian Church, the HOLY ETCHMIADZIN CATHEDRAL and its fellow ancient church, the SAINT HRIPSIME CHURCH. Learn about their intriguing history and marvel at the wonders built by the ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH! Hope YOU guys enjoy the video (Just Click on Play on our VLOG Below):

This was our first day with our guides, Andranik and Rima, and the city of VARGHARSHAPAT was our first destination. Now the city is more famously known as ETCHMIADZIN and this is because this is the place where the HOLY ETCHMIADZIN CATHEDRAL can be found.

Once in the city, we first visited the one of the oldest churches in Armenia, the SAINT HRIPSIME CHURCH, which houses the tomb of SAINT HRIPSIME.

You’ll find out more about her story of courage, faith and fidelity to God in the vlog and learn about some facts about ARMENIA CHURCH ARCHITECTURE.

Next stop is the Vatican for all the ARMENIAN CHRISTIANS around the World, the place which house the Head of the ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH known as the ARMENIAN KATOLIKOS resides and the location of the oldest church in the World, the HOLY ETCHMIADZIN CATHEDRAL and its grounds. In the vlog, find out about its origin and history , facts about the CHRISTIANITY in ARMENIA , and the Treasures that are inside the Holy Etchmiadzin.

The Holy Etchmiadzin is one of the TOP DESTINATIONS in ARMENIA because it basically is a physical embodiment of ARMENIA and the ARMENIAN PEOPLE as a whole!

Every TRAVEL to ARMENIA should include this city in Armenia to fully understand the country and its people and their ability to stay resilient against the ever changing waves of history!

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