LEGO. Admit it or not, once in your life, you fell in love with those wonderful plastic bricks. It actually made your childhood fun and was one of your main driving force for creativity (building whatever its is you want to build – colorful brick house, cars, ships, men, etc!). And now, most of us who grew up with Lego are more familiar with it’s signature painful sensation every time you step on them (Darn, Kids, tidy your toys!!!), these colorful bricks are sure to bring back nostalgia to ADULTS, and definitely unlimited playtime for KIDS!

And admit it or not, when you heard that DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS was building LEGOLAND DUBAI and LEGOLAND WATERPARK DUBAI , you heard a whisper in your playful subconscious that said,”You have to go there..”

Nope? Come on! Seriously, who does not love LEGO, and who does not love WATERPARKS? Right???

So give in to the temptation, like we did!

Or if you’re having second thoughts about visiting Legoland Waterpark Dubai , our fun day inside this new Dubai Waterpark might convince you to do so! Check out our video (below) inside the world of colorful bricks and splashes below or if you wanna know more about Legoland Waterpark Dubai, just continue read on:

Random Fun and Informative Facts for A Fun-Filled Adventure at LEGOLAND DUBAI WATERPARK

  • Did you know that the whole of Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark Dubai used millions of real Lego bricks to bring to life this out-of-your-childhood Dubai Theme Park?
  • GETTING TO LEGOLAND WATERPARK DUBAI – It is reached by the same entrance to the whole of Dubai Parks and Resorts. Once you park your car (a fee of 25 AED per car is charged), you can walk towards the end of the parking lot where a tram is stationed to pick up visitors to these Dubai Theme Parks. THE TRAM RIDE is for FREE (Yassss!!!).
  • THE TRAM of Dubai Parks and Resorts will pass by and has stops for all of the theme parks namely:

> RIVERLAND DUBAI (click on this link for our full blog about it here)


> MOTIONGATE DUBAI (link to the full blog of our visit to this theme park here)







  • The tram will stop in the island at Riverland Dubai and from there, you just need to take a short walk across the bridge to Legoland Waterpark whose entrance is just on the left hand side of the main entrance to Legoland Dubai itself. There’s a bag check and then the entrance itself where you need to present your ticket. Then you’re in!


  • Yes, Legoland Waterpark Dubai has lockers and you have a choice whether to rent a small, medium or a large locker. The rental process is thru a machine where you just need to deposit the fee (differs for each locker size – the large one if I remember correctly was for 60AED). We were 7 in total (6 Adults and 1 Child) and all our stuff fitted inside one large locker.
  • LEGOLAND WATERPARK SLIDES. All in all, there are 20 waterslides in Legoland Waterpark varying from body, tube, and family raft slides. Our favorites were the:

Lego Slide Racers where you race with your family or friends riding a mat down this tall slide

Splash and Swirl where you can go alone or together with a friend down a swirling tube slide

Tidal Tube is a dark tube slide with rainbow colored lights at intervals from each other

Red Rush the only family raft slide in Legoland Waterpark

  • LEGOLAND WATERPARK POOLS. There are lots of pools inside the waterpark including a wavepool. Our favorites though are the Joker Soaker (its mainly for kids, but hell yeah, it was fun!) and the BUILD A RAFT RIVER which is Legoland Waterpark own version of a lazy river ride, only that there are lots of buoyant Lego bricks floating around of which you can use to customize your raft/tube/lifesaver.
  • LEGO SCULPTURES can be found around Legoland Waterpark!
  • LEGOLAND WATERPARK RESTAURANTS. There are two restaurants within the theme park (One is for snacks and the other for heavier meals such as pizza) and a number of stalls selling nachos, ice cream, etc. The price is quite reasonable. A medium size pizza good for 2-3 persons only costs around 50 AED. Tip: Have unlimited drinks for the day by buying the signature Legoland Drink Container for only 35 AED at the park entrance.
  • BRICKWATER BEACHWEAR SOUVENIR SHOP. Just like all theme parks, Legoland Waterpark has its own swimwear and souvenir shop. Of interests are the Lego Keychains and other products (they even have the limited edition YELLOW SUBMARINE with the BEATLES Lego Set!!!). Was just wondering why they don’t have any items that explicitly says LEGOLAND DUBAI?
  • OVERALL EXPERIENCE at LEGOLAND WATERPARK DUBAI. Legoland Waterpark Dubai is a wonderful place! Sure, it doesn’t have waterslides as adrenaline pumping as the ones in other Dubai Waterparks such as Aquaventure at Atlantis the Palm (Click here for our full blog on this waterpark) but Legoland Waterpark has its own unique charm of getting kids and even adults to be playful and young, and to enjoy the water and Legos in whatever way they desire! Its simplicity and relaxed feel is its beauty, and hey, its a world of Legos! I highly recommend it!

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