Versace – a brand that the world equates to high-end Italian fashion.

Dubai – world renowned for its decadence and opulence.

Imagine if these two luxury powerhouses decided to merge as one; imagine the grandeur, the splendor, the lavishness! Imagine no more. It is already a here and now thing, it is reality.

Palazzo Versace Dubai opened its doors to the world on the last quarter of 2016 and the meaning of Luxury has changed to a whole new level! To see, to be there, is to believe.

We’ve been eyeing Palazzo Versace Dubai ever since we heard about the news that it was already a work in progress years back and we’ve been wanting to experience it ever since it opened. Come my birthday and we decided that it was about time we experienced one of the best hotels in Dubai and one of the most lavish hotels in the world!

Let Us share to you our experience of this one of a kind masterpiece and take you with us in our whole stay at this hotel! As I said, to see is to believe, and to be there is to be struck with awe!

Here’s VLOG No.2, LUXURY Spelled As V-E-R-S-A-C-E, Our Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel Experience and Hotel Review! Just click on the video below:

Hope you enjoyed the VLOG! If you want more, here’s a gallery of our photos taken at the Palazzo Versace Dubai. I’ll be posting more at our Instagram Account (arencejean).

I strongly recommend though for you to watch the VLOG for our more complete experience of the hotel: the complimentary Palazzo Versace Dubai Tour, the room, pools, restaurants and lots more!

First things first – Palazzo Versace Dubai is actually the 2nd Palazzo Versace, the first one being the Palazzo Versace Australia. We’ve searched about it and in our opinion, the first one dims when compared to what we have here in Dubai.

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The facade of the hotel – The beautiful edifice was inspired by 15th century, Renaissance-Era Italian Palazzos.

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Palazzo Versace Dubai makes sure to remind guests that they are about to enter a world inspired by Versace – the pavement right in front of the facade is adorned with a mosaic of its famous logo, the Medusa.

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And it reminds you again once you step inside the hotel lobby. Gianni Versace thought of the Medusa to be his company’s logo since it reminded him of the ancient pool they used to play at as kids in Rome. Also, in Greek Mythology, people got ensnared by the Medusa just by looking at it/her which was exactly the effect Gianni wanted for his fashion creations to be – to make people fall in love with Versace and have no way back!

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Here’s the large glass chandelier hanging above the medusa logo in the Palazzo Versace Hotel Lobby – it is shaped like a rose/flower.

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Detail of the hundreds of foot of handmade mosaics that adorn the floors of the hotel!

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Detail of one of the cushions at the Mosaico Restaurant – the lobby lounge of Palazzo Versace

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Just one of the numerous hallways within Palazo Versace Dubai adorned with sketches of the Versace designers (not sure if its only Gianni’s and Donatella’s). Before I forget, if you’re looking for Versace Shops in Dubai, look no further as the hotel has its own Versace Shop, A Versace Home Shop and A Young Versace Shop!

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Here’s one of a pair of reliefs that decorate the elevator/lift hall for each floor

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Our Premier Room at the topmost floor of the hotel where the color motif changes from the purple of the lower floors to gold for the topmost floor. Palazzo Versace Dubai Rooms have options to have a Dubai Cultural Village View or the Dubai Creek View. We chose to have the Dubai Creek View Room.

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Because a Palazzo Versace Dubai Creek View Room offered you this wonderful scene!

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All of this from the comfort of our balcony.

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From dusk…

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Till dawn…

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Everything in the room, the furniture, the linens, glasses, toiletries are all Versace-fashioned and inspired! EVERYTHING!

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Even my surprise birthday cake has the Versace Logo on it! And yes, those are shiny round things are made of edible gold!

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Aside from the balcony though, my most favorite part of our Palazzo Versace Dubai Room is the bath – all paneled with Carrara Marble and embellished with handmade mosaics!

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Time for an afternoon dip at the temperature controlled main pool of Palazzo Versace, the Capri Pool.

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Did we mention that it’s an infinity pool?

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Our table at one of the best restaurants in Dubai we’ve ever been to – Vanitas Palazzo Versace! Words cannot describe how awesome our experience was at this Italian Fine Dining Dubai Restaurant! I do recommend that you watch the blog to see how amazing it was especially the food! Simply Wow!

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Even the plates and silverwares are Versace!

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Come morning and here we are chillin’ at the Ischia Pool. There are a total of 3 Swimming Pools at Palazzo Versace Dubai.

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One more selfie before heading for breakfast at Giardino Palazzo Versace Dubai, the hotel’s all day dining restaurant.

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Final thoughts??? You better try it yourself!!! Palazzo Versace Dubai is a must try in Dubai – because the hotel and everything about it, is a WORK of ART!

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Hope you had fun with this blog post and our Vlog!

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