When you thought you knew everything about the Satwa Food Culture, the newly opened OLIVE OIL Restaurant in JUMEIRA ROTANA, masterfully serves you a plate of refreshing gustatory delight on top of an overall excellent dining experience. The Satwa neighborhood is best known for its flourishing stalls & restaurants whose menus mirror the multifaceted, multi-national community that has eventually called its streets their home over the years. Though nonetheless a great foodie adventure on their own, a more relaxed, more sophisticated, and further more variety of cuisines, is a much welcomed addition to Satwa’s gastronomic repertoire – just like a cool breeze on a hot desert day!

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Olive Oil is the newly opened All Day Dining Restaurant of the 4 Star Jumeira Rotana Hotel, conveniently located along the colorful 2ND of December Street in the Satwa District. Once you enter Jumeira Rotana, it feels like an altogether different world, a calm from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets Satwa is best known for. Add to that the impeccable hospitality and professionalism of the hotel staff that welcomed us when we got there for the grand opening of Olive Oil.

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We were treated to some welcome drinks by the staff – we had a choice to relieve ourselves from the heat outside by either a hard or soft beverage paired with some canapes. Yes, Olive Oil in Jumeira Rotana serves alcohol! So I got myself a Martini while my wife Jill chose to sip on some cold lemon mint juice.

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One of the first things I liked about Olive Oil was its interior. I’ve been to a couple of All Day Dining restaurants in other Rotana Hotels and by far, I find Olive Oil’s to be one of the most intimate and relaxing. Its definitely a place I can imagine myself wanting to go to after a busy day or week. . The space is not too large, not too small, perfectly lit, visually enticing with warm colors complimented with soft music that plays on the background.

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Now, if you are looking for a place where to eat in Satwa or where to eat in Dubai, Olive Oil is certainly a restaurant that I would recommend. The food is great! Compared to other Rotana All Day Dining restaurants, the quality and presentation of the food in Olive Oil is one of the bests that we’ve encountered!

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Olive Oil treats its guests with a buffet-type spread of dishes. When we were there, there were a number of Japanese sushis, makis and sashimis, plus some seafood ranging from crabs, clams, shrimps and mussels, choices of Arabic mezes, plus Indian and Arabic mains. There are also selections of bread and cheeses.

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But if you’re not into the buffet dishes, you’ll be happy to know (I was!) that Olive Oil has something else up its sleeve! What would be better to tickle your taste buds than be able to TRY A DIFFERENT CUISINE EVERY NIGHT? Yes, Olive Oil has themed nights that will satisfy your cravings: Sundays would be International Night, Mondays are Steak Nights, Tuesdays are Indian Nights, Wednesdays – Seafood Night, Thursdays are Asian Nights, Italian would be on Fridays, and Saturdays would be for those wanting some Latino flare! Lucky us, it was Wednesday when we were there – which meant SEAFOOD NIGHT!!!!

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The seafood night at Olive Oil gives you choices of Salmon, Blue Crabs, Calamari, Lobster, Prawns, Hammour, Red Snapper and King Fish which you can have either grilled or fried. There were also three types of sauces to choose from: Garlic Butter Sauce, Lemon Butter Sauce, and Sweet Chili.

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For the four of us, Me, my wife, fellow bloggers and friends, Alvin and Sheila of ABandMe, I chose grilled lobster, prawns and calamari while I wanted to have our red snapper fried. As for the sauce I decided try both the Garlic Butter and Lemon Butter Sauce!

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While waiting for our seafood mains, we indulged ourselves in the Japanese fare. Too much for an appetizer I know, but the Japanese rolls in Olive Oil were simply delicious. You can taste the freshness in the fish, prawns and caviars and the sushi rice is perfectly balance with that tinge of sour and sweet! My favorite was the ginormous roll wrapped in what looked like bacon, but I guess it was some kind of pastry! The mussels were really tasty as well – subtly briny just how I like it!

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Moments after finishing my “starters”, our choice of seafood mains arrived in a huge plate! The lobsters were perfectly grilled, so as the prawns and the calamari – keeping the juiciness of the seafood meat! The calamari I must say was exceptionally flavored, it was really good! I hope I could tell you more about the fried red snapper, but I was so into the other ones that I never got the chance to taste it ha-ha!

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All these seafood I downed with some glasses of Stella Artois (Olive Oil has Heineken, Stella Artois and Foster if I remember it correctly!), because why not?? Right??

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I didn’t have enough space to try out most of the deserts since I was truly satisfied with the seafood already – but I did try Olive Oil’s creme brulee and it was superbly done – the thin glaze of caramelized top crust and the creamy sweet core was great!

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Since it was opening night, Me and my fellow bloggers even had the chance to have fun taking pictures of ourselves together with Dennen and Vonn of janesarabia.com!

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To say the least, Me and my wife had a fun, satisfying and relaxing night at Olive Oil in Jumeira Rotana. The staff, the ambiance, the food was excellent! It is a great thing to know that anytime we go to this part of town, we have a restaurant which is Olive Oil, ready to indulge us with top notch service and food! Our idea of Satwa Food Culture would never be the same!

*Olive Oil Location and Contact Information :

Jumeira Rotana, 2nd of December Street, Dubai, UAE



*Olive Oil Themed Night Price List (inclusive of unlimited soft beverages/inclusive of unlimited house beverages respectively):

Sunday – International Night (169 AED/199 AED)

Monday – Steak Night (199 AED/239 AED)

Tuesday – Indian Night (169 AED/199 AED)

Wednesday – Seafood Night (239 AED/279 AED)

Thursday – Asian Night (199 AED/239 AED)

Friday – Italian Night (169 AED/199 AED)

Saturday – Latino Night (169 AED/199 AED)

*Special thanks to Monaliza Doush, Cluster Marketing & Communications Executive of Jumeira Rotana and Villa Rotana for having us over at Olive Oil’s Grand Opening!


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