MOTIONGATE DUBAI – I wasn’t expecting much at first. I mean, all the fuss around the Dubai Parks and Resorts was centered on Legoland Dubai. Who’s not gonna go ga-ga when you hear that your favorite childhood bricks has its own theme park in Dubai right? Also, when we first got to see Motiongate in our visit to Riverland Dubai (blogged here), it was still a work in progress and to be honest, I haven’t heard about a theme park named Motiongate before. But given that there was an ongoing Dubai Park and Resorts Two Parks in A Day Summer promotion where you can choose 2 out of their 4 parks (Legoland Dubai, Legoland Dubai Waterpark, Motiongate and Bollywood Parks Dubai) to enjoy in a day, our family chose to go to Legoland Dubai Waterpark First, and then Motiongate (out of curiousity). And boy can I tell you, it was one of the best decisions we ever made. When Dubai Parks and Resorts came up with their slogan “Experience Amazing”, I believe they had Motiongate in mind – it was mindblowing!!!

See for yourself in our video below or read along for more answers to FAQs/information about Motiongate Dubai :

Here’s a fast dose of information you might need to know about Motiongate Dubai :

  • Motiongate Dubai location : it’s within Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • Motiongate Dubai Opening Times : Hurray for summer as it is open from 4pm to 12am. Meaning you have enough time to enjoy your first theme park of choice if you got the 2 Parks in A Day Promotion (as for us, Legoland Waterpark was open at 10am) and have enough time to enjoy Motiongate as well (and what a perfect ending for a day indeed)
  • Motiongate Dubai Parking Fee : Yes, there’s a parking fee of 20-25 AED but then it’s worth it as you also get a free tram ride from the parking (which is relatively far from the main hub of this Dubai Theme Park) which has stops at each of the 4 Theme Parks within Dubai Parks and Resorts. The tram stopped directly infront of Motiongate Dubai.
  • What’s the theme of Motiongate Dubai Theme Park? Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood-inspired theme park that is divided into three large wings based on the Hollywood Studios that each section is inspired with – Columbia Pictures , Dreamworks , and Lionsgate
  • Restaurants in Motiongate Dubai : There’s no shortage of restaurants within Motiongate Dubai. Each of the 3 Sections of the theme park has numerous sit down restaurants and food stalls. Great thing about it is that even the restaurants follow the theme of their location (like a Smurf Restaurant in the Smurf Village, etc.). The food price is actually affordable and tastes good as well (unlike other theme parks)!
  • Lockers : Like restaurants, there are no shortage of lockers in Motiongate – there are locker rooms outside (why would you like to leave your things outside?) and inside the theme park. The locker price for a big locker is 65 AED and it was able to fit all our stuff (we were 7 Adults and 1 kid).
  • Washrooms : Lots as well and very clean!
  • Smoking Area : I have to mention this as I know it’s crucial to smokers (Like me). There are designated smoking areas but fret not as they are actually pretty close to the attractions/restaurants (eg., on the side of the main entrance to Dreamworks, and just a short walk from the Smurf Village Restaurant, etc.) and not in a far flung area of the park.
  • Souvenir Shops : Lots of souvenirs shops and great items as well and very reasonable! Me and Jill got ourselves an Oscar-inspired trophy, a Hollywood Inspired Frame, and a Dia De Los Muertos Skulls Wood Sculpture (handmade from Bali Indonesia)!
  • Picture Points : Pay attention to the pavement as there are numerous marked spots around Motiongate to tell you where you can get a perfect photo of yourself – great touch!


Motiongate Dubai Columbia Picture Rides

  • Green Hornet High Speed Chase
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs River Expedition
  • Hotel Transylvania Trackless Dark Ride
  • Ghostbusters Battle for New York Trackless Dark Ride
  • Zombieland Blast Off

Motiongate Dubai Dreamworks Rides

  • Kung Fu Panda Unstoppable Awesomeness
  • How To Train Your Dragon Dragon Gliders (our Top 2 on list of best rides in Motiongate)
  • Madagascar Mad Pursuit (the best ride ever! Our Top 1 on the list of best rides in Motiongate)

Motiongate Dubai Lionsgate

  • Unfortunately, this part of Motiongate is still a work in progress so we we weren’t able to try rides or even go inside it

So there you are – I  guess I’ve shared everything that will be useful for your trip to Motiongate! And sure do hope that you had fun watching our video tour of Motiongate!


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