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To be honest, SAGADA in the PHILIPPINES has always been an elusive destination in my travel bucket list. I first heard of it from my college friends, from people who have visited the place and have seen it only in travel documentaries & pictures. I’ve always wanted to travel to Sagada, but for some reason, such plan never took fruition. Luckily, during our recent vacation in the Philippines, the whole family agreed to do a road trip to the Northern Philippines to visit the place which is one of the TOP DESTINATIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES! 

Just a week after our Historic and Fun Road Trip to Bataan Province, fresh from our flight from Davao (Which got delayed – we arrived in Clark Airport at 12 midnight), we just dropped our luggage in our home in Pampanga, and boarded our “Family Camper Van”, with no plans whatsoever of what to do in Sagada, and proceeded to the famous Cordillera Mountain Town!

Knowing Us, this was a chance we’ll never miss to vlog – so for you guys out there, who are as clueless or has minimal knowledge of Sagada as Us before we got there, or those of you who want to revisit the place, here’s PART 1 of our SAGADA ADVENTURE TRAVEL VLOG!

Join us as we head up the mountainous region of the Philippines – pass by the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, see stunning views along the Halsema Highway (which is the main road to Sagada), and places such as the HIGHEST POINT in the PHILIPPINES Highway System in Benguet. You can also get a glimpse of our hotel in Sagada, the SAGADA HERITAGE VILLAGE and find out why we actually chose it! And finally, get to know the dangers of caving or spelunking in the Philippines and the rewards that await for those brave enough to do it at SUMAGUING CAVE!

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