Whenever a new Filipino restaurant in Dubai pops out, it sends a tasty tingling sensation of Filipino Pride in my spine (and palate of course!). Filipino Food Culture is a colorful one which is yet to be fully explored and be experienced by most people outside the Philippines and foreign food enthusiasts. That is why I feel elated whenever I see or get to know that more and more food places in Dubai are opening that cater and serve the Filipino dishes that we Pinoys all so love – FILIPINO FOOD for the World to TASTE!

Newest on this roster of Filipino Dubai Food Trip Destinations is one of the well-known and leading brands of hotels in the Dubai, the whole of UAE and the Middle East, ROTANA, and one of their properties, JUMEIRA ROTANA HOTEL DUBAI, has recently launched a weekend buffet in Dubai that celebrates Filipino Fiestas: Staying true to its heart, and to its gastronomy!

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