After visiting the town of Vargashapat, more famously known as ETCHMIADZIN and seeing the most important Armenian Church , the HOLY ETCHMIADZIN CATHEDRAL , its Interior and massive Treasury, we travel northwards to visit 3 places that makes the it to the list of the TOP TOURIST DESTINATIONS IN ARMENIA.


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SAINT GEVORK CHURCH OF MUGNI is famous for its multi-colored exterior stone works and is a famous travel destination in Armenia – and is the place to be for Armenian Weddings. But its priceless treasure is a reliquary tomb believed to be that of Saint George the Dragon Slayer covered with a marble slab quarried from Jerusalem.

SAGHMOSAVANK or the Monastery of Psalms is an ancient Armenian Church built in what can be one of the most scenic locations and best places to go in Armenia – it was constructed at the edge of a deep gorge! Its history is intriguing as well!

ARMENIAN ALPHABET PARK is a park dedicated to the 39 Letters of the Armenian Alphabet and commemorates its importance in the identity, history and culture of Armenia!

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