SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD is undeniably one of the best roads in the world – with all the iconic buildings, skyscrapers and sights in Dubai, this road is one of the best places to be at in the Emirate and in UAE as a whole! Affording you scenic views of the tallest building in the face of the Earth, BURJ KHALIFA, and many other architectural beauties such as the Emirates Towers, Maze Tower, Rose Tower, to name a few, Sheikh Zayed road is a must for every Dubai Travel Itinerary!

That is why if you TRAVEL in DUBAI, I would highly recommend for you guys to stay along this road as it is truly magnificent day in and day out and this is what we did!

We slept at Sheikh Zayed Road, at the VILLA ROTANA HOTEL to be exact!




If you’re craving for more, here are a few photos that we snapped during our stay at VILLA ROTANA DUBAI:

Shooting the cover for this VLOG/BLOG of Villa Rotana 🙂

Enjoying our welcome drinks!

Munchin’ on some snacks/late lunch that we ordered from the Pool Snack Bar of Villa Rotana Hotel

Dinner at Moka Cafe located at the amazing atrium of Villa Rotana Hotel

Villa Rotana Hotel at Night

Lunch at the rooftop of Villa Rotana



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