The IGOROTS remained free while the rest of the Philippines was under the yolk of the Spanish Conquerors.

Directly translated as “mountain people”, the Igorots of the Northern Philippine Highlands never knew how it felt like to be conquered by a foreign power while the rest of the archipelago was under the mercy of the Crown of Spain for almost 4 Centuries or 377 Years – known to history SPANISH OCCUPATION IN THE PHILIPPINES. Their home was just too high up and isolated that no Spaniard ever dared explore it nor any local guides willing to help them out.

Such freedom allowed the Igorot People and Culture to survive and flourish, untainted by all the European influences of Christianity, and everything that followed Spanish Colonization, and this has allowed the present-day Igorots the opportunity to give the Philippines and the rest of the world its priceless gift…

HERE’s OUR VLOG ABOUT IT, (Just click on the play button on the Video below to watch Part 4 of Our SAGADA TRAVEL VLOG SERIES):

We were given the chance to experience and learn more about it when we made our family trip to one of the TOP DESTINATIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES, SAGADA and BANAUE , passing by the mountainous passes of BENGUET , MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, and IFUGAO.

In the final part of our SAGADA TRAVEL VLOG / BLOG , we would like to share with you some aspects of the culture of the Igorots, the Culture of the Unconquered.

Join us as We…

> Explore one of the wonders of nature and one of the top tourist spots in Sagada, SAGADA ECHO POINT and SAGADA ECHO VALLEY.


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  • See tombs of important people in the history of Sagada, including the tomb of one of the Modern Heroes of the Philippines (a SAF 44 member killed in Maguindanao)

> Taste the infamous PINIKPIKAN (Traditional Igorot Food characterized by bludgeoning a chicken to death) at one of the best        restaurants in Sagada recommended by our guides, the Sagada Pinikpikan House

> Travel to what is considered by many as the 8th WONDER OF THE WORLD , the staggering & monumental BANAUE RICE TERRACES built by the Igorot Tribes of the Ifugao Province thousands of years ago and maintained still by their descendants.

The Philippines is full of culture that is meant to be nurtured, nourished and cultivated and We hope that by sharing this, we increase the awareness of the importance of loving and keeping Our identity as Filipinos and being proud of it as we move the Philippines towards modernity, development and globalization.

For what is a country without its people’s love for its culture?

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Craving more of SAGADA?

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