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This is the Most Creative and Artsiest Hotel Ever!!! – Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai Hotel Review

Dubai. The city that has hundreds and hundreds of hotels, I don’t think a lifetime is enough to see them all, LOL! Every Dubai hotel undeniably has its own pull, its own personality, and each hotel does their best to be named the best hotel in Dubai or to up the game, the best hotel in the world!

But in a beautiful pond filled with swimming fishes, one gets to see first, the most colorful, the most vibrant! It’s human nature. It’s our nature to pick something which stands out – the most beautiful lady in a ball, the yummiest looking steak in the menu, the house with the best view. And it’s that human nature of always searching for something fresh, something unique, something out of the ordinary that ROVE HOTELS or in this case, ROVE HOTEL DOWNTOWN DUBAI satisfies in every traveler to and within Dubai.

It’s something that thinks outside of the box. Something that tells you how fun the world can be!


Well, our stay at ROVE HOTEL DOWNTOWN DUBAI was something special. Yes it was my birthday..seriously! But other than that, we chose it to be the setting of our VERY FIRST VLOG EVER!!!

So please, enjoy, relax, and see how much thrilling ROVE HOTEL DOWNTOWN DUBAI is thru our VLOG below:

I’ve also placed in here a couple of our photos just in case you’d like to check it out (ALERT: These are mostly selfies LOL):

We’ve arrived!!!

It’s refreshing to appreciate the Burj Khalifa from a vantage point other than from Dubai Mall

#noplacelike #rovehotels greets you at the entrance to Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai

The lobby tells you at once that Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai is something you’ve never experienced before!

Digging this creative wall at Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai’s Sitting Area

Artsy, cozy, spacious and peaceful…

Till we got there…

And goofed around like kids! Coz Rove Hotels do make you feel young and carefree!

Didn’t bring our laptop, but these Macs will do, LOL!

Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai – saving you the need to buy a new lock when you’ve lost yours! Kiddin – great touch, a homage to Paris’ Pont Des Artes!

Here’s a glimpse of what a Rove Hotel Rooms looks like – isn’t it so cool???

And here’s the Burj Khalifa View from our room which is at the topmost floor of Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai – if you can and if it’s available, always request for Room 1419 which is our room! One of the staff said that this is actually the best room they have when it comes to enjoying the scenic cityscape of Downtown Dubai especially when everything lights up at night!

Chillin’ at the pool!

We hope you enjoyed our VLOG (we know it’s not perfect yet, but we promise we’ll get better in time) and the blog!

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