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VIDEO: Couldn’t Believe This Just Happened at the Duterte Supporters’ Get Together in Dubai!

Being admittedly Duterte Supporters, my whole family here in Dubai together with some other friends attended a get together of OFW Duterte Supporters in the UAE last night in the middle of the desert.

Being OFWs isn’t easy as others may think, and what makes it harder is the fact that Filipino Expats sometimes spend months and more often than not spend years away from their loved ones, working in foreign countries just to be able to provide for the needs of their families! Many are yearning to go home already and many believe that only through the leadership of Mayor Duterte could it be possible for the Philippines to be great once again to the extent that no family need be separated just because of poverty and lack of opportunity in our own country.

The crowd of almost 500 people were full of energy, full of zeal and hope for change for the country that we love so dearly! But nothing prepared me for the emotions that just came out when we did the candle lighting ceremony praying for clean elections this coming May 9th and praying harder for the realization of many Filipinos dream to have the honorable Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to be not only the Father of Davao City, but to be the Father of the Whole Philippine Nation.

With almost half a thousand people singing the song Pilipinas Kong Mahal while waving their lighted candles – you can sense the overflowing nationalism in each one of the individuals who gave their support freely to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte thousands of miles away from home! With every line sung by the multitude, I felt that overpowering patriotism in the air sending shivers down my spine! Some even broke down in tears while singing and when the song ended – such is the proof of how thirsty we are for change, how we hunger so much for a country that we know we deserve and country that deserves us! 

See this inspiring and heart warming moment at my video below; it simply proves how the Filipino People now are more united for a single dream – a dream for a better Philippines:

I am urging fellow OFWs around the globe, our friends, families and everyone back in the Philippines to be one of the sparks that would light the flames of change for our country: EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!

Do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it for your children, do it for your grandchildren, do it for the future generation, do it for your country!

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