Whipped strawberry milk is the new drink of TikTok and it looks delicious

Whipped strawberry milk is the new drink of TikTok and it looks delicious

April 30, 2020 Off By arencejean

If you saw the Dalgona coffee recipe that swept the internet a few weeks back but aren’t a coffee lover, you might feel like you missed out somewhat.

Instagram and TikTok never disappoint, though, and the lockdown has truly bred some new and exciting recipes.

As it turns out, you can make Dalgona drinks with a whole bunch of different things, including strawberry Nesquik.

Insta user Sweetportfolio shared her recipe for the chilled pink drink, and it’s just as easy as the whipped coffee that came before it.

Simply whisk a teaspoon of Nesquik with four tablespoons of cream, keeping going until it feels like your arms going to fall off (or it looks like a paste).

Then pour your thick, fruity mixture on top of hot or cold milk. If it’s cold, make sure there’s some ice in there too for a refreshing treat.

It’s as simple as that, and no surprise that this recipe had been liked over 340,000 times.

Of course you can use other flavours of milkshake powder, creating a banana or chocolate Dalgona in minutes too.

And other TikTok innovators have tried their hands at whipping up a storm, making thick and delicious versions of matcha lattes, hot cocoa, and milk tea.

To make a version of these, simply follow the same rules as before, but changing up the powder to the one you’d prefer.

If you like a fresher taste you can also use freeze dried berries (around two tablespoons) and a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar along with the cream.

Whip that up, shove on some squirty cream, and your iced drink is ready for the ‘gram.