‘You Liar’: Father Pranks Son in $100 Copycat Bet

‘You Liar’: Father Pranks Son in $100 Copycat Bet

April 30, 2020 Off By arencejean

A Canadian father in Halifax played a prank on his son on April 20, offering him a $100 prize in a rigged game.

Footage self-recorded by Andrew Lister shows him playing a Simon Says–type game with his six-year-old son, Heath.

Andrew told his boy he could have $100 if he mimicked his actions. Andrew does a series of actions, such as brushing his shoulder, moving a glass around, and tapping his head.

The father at one point appears to drink some water, but is just holding it in his mouth to later spit out.

Realizing he’s been duped, Heath exclaims, “You liar!” at the end of the video.

Speaking to Storyful, Andrew Lister said, “The bet was simple. If he can copy everything I do, he would be awarded $100 … We have been doing all sorts of pranks and magic tricks during isolation to pass the time. This was one I’ve seen done many times and wanted to give it a try.”

Heath asked if they could play the game again so that he could have a second chance to win the $100 after the recording ended. Lister said he answered, “nice try, kid.”